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A 25-year veteran producer at ESPN, Barry Abrams knows from experience that it takes a quality voice talent to pay off the painstaking work of building a production.  Barry has coached many of television’s most recognized talent to ensure that their deliveries reflect the desired tone, pacing, and inflection for each project.

Barry has now emerged from behind the scenes to service your production with a lively, accurate, and engaging performance you won’t find anywhere else.

Barry’s first understanding of his voice’s potential came on April 13, 1990 during his college internship interview at NBC.  That morning, David Letterman played the role of personnel director, and when he asked Barry for his post-Syracuse University ambitions, Barry answered with the first thought that entered his mind – hockey announcer.

Letterman asked him over and over to repeat the most common hockey exclamation – “He shoots, he scores!”  The bit later became a running gag on the show during Barry’s internship that summer.  Barry looks forward to working with you in the near future.

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